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Vietnam Official Visits International Religious Liberty Association

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA… Senior Expert and Member of the Consultative Commission of the Vietnam Fatherland Front for Religious Affairs, The Honorable Nguyen Chinh, visited the the International Religious Liberty Association, May 6, 2004. A former Deputy Director of Religious Affairs Bureau of Vietnam, Honorable Chinh defines himself someone who is very interested in the field of religious liberty.

“Our country has seen so much war, so much suffering, including those within the Adventist Church,” commented Chinh. “In war, there are “us” and “others.” Now is the time to have peace and friendship between each other. We are now rebuilding our country, including its spiritual life.”

Accompanied by Ambassador Robert Seiple (Chairman of the Board for the Institute for Global Engagement), Mrs. Robert Seiple, and Chris Seiple (president for the Institute for Global Engagement), Chinh was welcomed by IRLA Secretary-General, Dr. John Graz, and Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Jonathan Gallagher.

Commenting on behalf of the IRLA, Dr. Graz said, “The visit of Honorable Chinh is important because it is part of ‘building bridges’ between people, beliefs and vision of the world as we want to improve cooperation and help build a better world for people worldwide.”

The IRLA works very closely with the Institute for Global Engagement in many endeavors to build understanding among people of all religions. A strong advocate of religious freedom and human rights, the IRLA continues to promote and maintain religious freedom around the world, and to assist people who are discriminated against or persecuted for practicing their beliefs. [Viola Hughes]

L to R: Interpreter, Mrs. Seiple, Ambassador Seiple, Honorable Chinh, Dr. Graz, Chris Seiple, Mr. Cooper, Dr. Gallagher.

Ambassador Seiple sharing a few remarks with the visitors.

Honorable Chinh listening to John Graz's remarks about him and his work.

Dr. Graz appreciating Ambassador Seiple for the role he played in coordinating the visit of Honorable Chinh and his work in advocating for religious freedom.