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Russian Affiliate Holds Conference, Elections

News December 2006

Moscow, Russia… The Euro-Asia affiliate of the IRLA (EAC-IRLA), in conjunction with the Institute of Europe, organized a conference in Moscow on December 7.

Entitled "Liberty of conscience and human rights," the conference brought together leaders of religious organizations including representatives from the Moscow Patriarchate - priest Alexandr Vasutin from department of metropolitan Kiril, Sanjey-Lama of the Russian Buddhist organization, Marat Murtazin, assistant of Ravil Gainutdin, Zanoviy Kogan, chairman of the Jewish Congress of religious organizations and others. 

Keynote addresses were presented by Mr. Shmelev, director of Europe Institute, Sergey Melnikov, from the department of Internal Politics of Russian President, Sergey Popov, State Duma (by telegram), Nikolay Merkulov, chairman of the Committee on affairs with religious organizations and others. 

Mr. Andrey Sebentsov, of the Russian Federal Government, also made a presentation, and the meetings were attended by many famous scientists and religious figures. A statement was passed by the conference, and will be available shortly.

In elections for the EAC-IRLA association, the new president is Yriy Noskov, professor of Russian academy of justice, doctor of Philosophy, while Victor Vitko continues as Secretary General. Mr. Nikolay Shaburov was elected as a member of Board. He is a director of the Center of religious researches at the Russian humanitarian university. [IRLA News]

Pictures from the conference:

Conference in session