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IRLA Support of the 2008 World Festival of Religious Freedom

The International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) Secretary General John Graz and the IRLA South American Secretary General Edson Rosa visited Peru and Chile on September 21 through 30. On September 24, they met with various religious leaders and officials in Lima, Peru. The Honorable Aldo Estrada Choque, Vice President of the Congress of the Republic, congratulated the IRLA for its promotion and defense of religious freedom in the world. He affirmed that religious freedom is a fundamental freedom for the Republic of Peru. On September 25, the IRLA delegation met the President of the Commission of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Justice, Raquel A Gage Priale.

Dr John Graz proposed the organization of the First World Festival of Religious Freedom in Lima, Peru in 2009. This proposal was supported by several religious leaders, including Presidents Samuel Sandoval and Pastor Orlando Ramos, leaders of the Adventist Church in Peru. The date of November 21 was chosen and a steering committee was nominated.

Such an event could attract between 50,000 and 70,000 people. The purpose of Festivals of Religious Liberty is to celebrate religious freedom and thank God and the country for it. The Republic of Peru and its leaders deserve such a "Thank You" said the IRLA Secretary General. Meetings were organized with religious leaders and students, and radio and TV interviews were given.[IRLA News]


IRLA team visiting the Vice President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru



The Monumental Stadium in Lima, where the Festival of religious freedom is planned