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IRLA Partner Associations & Affiliates

Partner Associations


IRLA East-Central Africa Region

Joel Okindo [email protected]

IRLA West-Central Africa Region

Abraham Bakari [email protected]

IRLA Middle-East and North Africa Region

Levon Maksoudian [email protected]

IRLA Southern Africa Region

Hopeson Bonya [email protected]

IRLA Euro-Asia Region

Daniel Duda [email protected]

IRLA Inter-European Region

Paulo Macedo [email protected]

IRLA Inter-American Region

Tomas Torres [email protected]

IRLA South American Region

IRLA Northern Asia-Pacific Region

Kim Sun Hwan [email protected]

IRLA Southern Asia-Pacific Region

Paulo Nelson [email protected]

IRLA South Pacific Region

Nick Kross [email protected]

IRLA Chinese Union Region

Daniel Jiao [email protected]

IRLA Ukraine Region

Maxim Krupsky [email protected]