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First International Congress of Paraguay

With the motto “Free to Believe,” the first International Congress on Religious Freedom to be held in Paraguay took place August 8 and 9, 2013 in the city of Asuncion.
The event which was held in the Convention Hall of the Central Bank of Paraguay was attended by more than 600 prominent government leaders and leaders of various religious organizations. The congress was organized by the Vice Minister of Education and Culture, together with the Permanent Forum for Interreligious Dialogue in Paraguay, Paraguay Adventist University, and the Catholic University of Our Lady of the Assumption.
International experts provided by Paraguay Adventist University attended the event.  They included Dr Damaris Moura, President of the Freedom of Worship Committee of the Association of Lawyers of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Dr Nidia Vilchez, former Minister of State and former member of Parliament and participant in the enactment of the law on religious freedom in Peru; Professor Ignacio Kalbermatter, President of Paraguay Union of Churches; and others. Religious liberty experts exchanged valuable ideas regarding the process of reviewing and updating legislation regarding worship and religious education.
The congress was held with the purpose of ensuring respect for religious freedom and diversity and for strengthening interreligious dialogue.  It will serve as a tool for the construction of society values and the promotion of a culture of peace.