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Romania, a Majority-Orthodox Country, Chooses a Protestant President

Although Romania is a majority-Orthodox country (86.5% of the population is Orthodox), it chose a Protestant president, Klaus Iohannis. ...READ MORE

Mandeville, Jamaica: 300 Pastors and Elders Ready for the First Festival of Religious Freedom in Jamaica

On Monday, November 10, Jamaica’s Religious Liberty leader Nigel Coke and Pastor Everett Brown, Union President of the Adventist Church in Jamaica, prepared for the 2015 First Religious Freedom Festival....READ MORE

Romania: Top Officials Support Religious Liberty

One Hundred-twenty leaders from important Romanian universities and prestigious universities from US and the EU, participated in an international scientific conference on the topic of freedom of religion and belief....READ MORE

Targoviste, Romania Two IRLA Leaders Honored by Wallachia University

On October 23, the Wallachia University of Targoviste honored IRLA Secretary General Dr. John Graz and IRLA Deputy Secretary General Dr. Ganoune Diop with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa. ...READ MORE

Munich, Germany, First Religious Liberty Convention

On Saturday October 18, the first convention on religious liberty in Munich was held in the Mittelsschule an der Cincinnatistrasse 63 (Middle School at the 63rd Cincinnati Street)....READ MORE

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA: Ambassador Robert Seiple

On Sunday October 12, 2014 the members of the IRLA Board of Directors voted to reelect Ambassador Robert Seiple IRLA President for the next two years. ...READ MORE