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Meriba, Mexico: First Religious Liberty Festival in Maya Land

On Saturday March 22, in the city of Meriba, the First Festival of Religious Liberty was held in the Maya Land....READ MORE

Port au Prince, Haiti: Religious Freedom Celebrated in the Aftermath of the Tragic Earthquake

The first Congress of Religious Freedom was held in Port au Prince Haiti on February 20 to 22, with the theme of “Religious Freedom – A Value to Protect!”...READ MORE

More Than Liberty Rights and Respect

“There are times when I sit across the table from people who I know are doing terrible things to others. Sometimes when I talk with people I know that they are lying to me. But I also know that we share the same humanity.” These and other startling words came from Dr. Ganoune Diop during the February Diversity Lecture at Newbold College....READ MORE

President Obama Hit All the Right Notes

President Obama hit all the right notes when defending religious freedom at the recent National Prayer Breakfast....READ MORE

Mindanao: First Religious Liberty Tour & Special Recognition to the City Mayors

From January 26 to February 1, 2014, the IRLA team of Secretary General Dr. John Graz and Dr. Jonathan Catolico, IRLA Secretary General for South Asia Pacific Region, traveled from Manila, Philippines to the island of Mindanao for the First Mindanao Religious Freedom Tour. ...READ MORE

Moscow: Project of a Russian Association for Protection of Religious Freedom (RARF)

On 21st of January 2014, Oleg Goncharov, Secretary General of IRLA Euro-Asia region, took part in a meeting of the State Duma Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organizations....READ MORE

Manila, Philippines, "One Man with Courage is the Majority"

Manila, Philippines, "One Man with Courage is the Majority" It is by these words of Thomas Jefferson that Honorable Ben Micah, Senior Minister and Cabinet member of the Government of Papua New Guinea opened his intervention, at the opening meeting of the Festival of Religious Freedom held in Manila, January 23 to 25 ...READ MORE

Worrying Trends in the World of Religious Liberty

The new report released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center's Religion and Public Life Project highlights a number of troubling trends that should concern anyone -- whether private citizen or public official -- about the state of religious freedom around the world as of 2012. ...READ MORE