The 8th World Congress for Religious Freedom will take place August 22-24, 2017 at the Diplomat Beach Resort, by Hilton in Hollywood, Florida.

Countdown Begins for 8th World Congress

Religious intolerance and violence has become an ongoing theme in news headlines around the world: Boko Haram’s reign of terror in countries of the Lake Chad Basin; the Islamic State in eastern Syria and northwest Iraq; sectarian violence in Pakistan and India; the persecution of Hmong Christians in Vietnam and minority faith groups in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan—the list goes on.

It is this reality that will be the focus of scholars, experts and religious liberty advocates from around the world who will gather in August 2017 near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for the 8th World Congress for Religious Freedom. They will ask: How can people with deep ideological and religious differences—often honed through years of animosity—learn to live together without violence? And how can nurturing a culture of religious freedom help in this endeavor?

The 8th World Congress for Religious Freedom, organized by the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA), will bring together some of the world’s foremost thinkers in the field of religious freedom, and is expected to draw more than hundreds of attendees from many different countries. But the event is not just for scholars—the three-day congress will explore issues from both an academic and practical perspective.

According to Dr. Ganoune Diop, IRLA’s Secretary General, this is an approach that makes the World Congress ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of current issues in the world of religious freedom advocacy.

“Too many people today suffer discrimination, persecution, or even martyrdom driven by religious differences,” says Diop. “And it’s clear, also, that the religious freedom landscape globally shows few signs of improvement.”

He says the focus of the Congress—Religious Freedom and the Hope for Peaceful Co-existence—is especially relevant. “Learning to share the public space with those with whom we disagree; learning to overcome humanity’s abysmal record of religious wars, religious ethnic cleansing, and genocide fuelled religious bigotry—these have become some of the most urgent challenges of our time.”

You’re invited!

The IRLA’s 8th World Congress for Religious Freedom will be held August 22-24, 2017 at the beach-side Diplomat Resort and Spa by Hilton, in Hollywood, Florida. More than just an academic conference, this three-day congress will offer practical resources, stimulating presentations, and the opportunity to interact with a truly global group of experts, government officials, religious leaders, and advocates.

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